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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The subtitle to this post is incorrect

The title to this post is correct.

I sit at my window now watching a lightning storm of unusual intensity just over the horizon. It's putting on quite a show for anyone who cares to look. With the season being that which it is, there is a curious parallel in the flickering fairy lights that frame my back verandah. Art imitates nature, I guess.

Numbers are very difficult things to visualise, particularly large ones. Today I finished reading the Stephen Baxter novel entitled "Evolution", which makes a point of emphasising the large numbers (of years) required for that natural process to produce noticable variation and speciation. I can convince myself I appreciate, theoretically, the enormous number of subatomic particles that make up the tiniest cell of the tiniest organism. And yet the number of electrons being shoved around as a result of this unusual but largely unremarked lightning storm must be beyond human comprehension. Maybe that's what "impressions" and, at its rawest, pure emotion must be designed to cover for - a complete inability to even approach the computational complexity required to contemplate the movement of those particles.

It strikes me as little wonder then, that we have so much trouble living in a world which seemingly contradicts itself by providing us with so much while at the same time providing so much that we may never understand.

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