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Sunday, December 11, 2005

HP and HP

I'm typing this post on an HP notebook. That's one of the HP's. But the actual reason for this post is the other HP, being Harry Potter. I'm currently busting my way through the rest of the Harry Potter books after rapidly tiring of the pleas of my sisters and others who insist that the books outsrip the movies by some margin. So I read HP3 a couple of days ago and I'm now halfway through HP4.

Having read two of the books in close succession, I'm noticing how much JK reuses material between the books. It's not anything massive; just little phrases or lines of dialogue. Looking at the two other books on my shelf and their rather impressive profiles, I'm wondering if this trend is set to increase and if that accounts for their increased size...

In other news, did anyone realise that New College has a Wikipedia entry? It's a little bit lax and I think it needs expansion and updating. I started this process by adding a link to the New College website, but will maybe add photos and a bigger article sometime over the summer. Go and check it out.

Photos of the massif Christmas lights display to follow.


Julie said...

Ok I've been wondering this throughout my australia experience: is massif the same thing as massive? or is there a subtle aussie difference that only aussie's know?

redbach said...


Here and here

Julie said...

OOh massif is cooler - it has to do with moutains. I shoulda known...