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Friday, July 14, 2006

Arguments for Existentialism

Not really... Just arguments for existence. As in, yes, I do exist and yes, I am a lazy blogger.

So here I am.

Libby, Matty and Benjy in Old Tammy, last week

But right now,

Looking at: My laptop screen, the surrounds of Irish's flat, being where my laptop is jacked in for the time being, and the photos of Libby and me in Tamworth.

Listening to: The dulcet tones of American brogues floating around the college corridors. Quite a change from the usual college patronage. Also, Third Day's "Wire" which i bought for cheaps in the bargain bin at Koorong at a friend's recommendation in order to expand my meagre Christian music collection.

Feeling: Cold. It is winter and raining in Sydney. But it is warmer than Tamworth. I miss Tamworth. The laptop keyboard is, however, quite toasty.

Tasting: The GPK pizza that I had for tea. Stopped eating it many hours ago, but still tasting it.

Smelling: Books. You know how books have that peculiar mixed smell of dead tree, plastic binding material and dust? Irish has a lot of books in this place.

Waiting for: Irish - To come back. Chris Rowe - To give me access to Billy's room so I can actually take a towel to MYC. Libby - to call (maybe I'll call her :-P). Simon Angus - to help me find a speaker for the Weekend Away. Jesus - to come back. Like Irish. But a bit different.

What I'm praying for: Decreased resistance. At some points in your life, things just seem to happen when you want them to in just the way you want them to, almost without you having to try too hard. And at other times, everything you try to do seems to take all your energy and strength. I'm in the latter category at the moment. So decreased resistance or increased perseverance would be a great blessing at the moment.

Random thought: What if people experienced time at different rates? Of course experience is non-transferrable so there'd be no way to discover or verify that. But what if my perception of a "second" is the same as your perception of a "year". In what sense is a thousand years a day and a day a thousand years to God? If we were each independently capable of achieving only so much in each interval then there would be no practical difference for us as humans. Maybe time is defined by our capacity to act within it. Penny for your thoughts?

Short term plans: Wait for Irish. Get some chocolate. Go looking for Chris when it stops raining. Find a way to get to Kurrajong tomorrow. Get some glorious sleep.

Long term plans: Graduate, preferably on schedule. Marry. Get a job, but not be locked in for a big career committment. Travel to Europe and the States. Decide what it is I'm going to do for the next few decades. Start a family and start doing it. Retire in the country with a grand piano.

Until next time, ca va


Martyn said...

Hey Phraser,
as one who is a serial neglector of the blogosphere, I understand that there are many other things that are higher in your priority queue. But a post would be noice =)

Martyn said...

this is getting ridiculous! You're worse than meee =P

redbach said...

Of course Marty, there is a far better way of keeping in touch with a whole bunch of stuff that's happening in my life than relying on my blogging, which is, as you wisely observe, somewhat lax. That's by reading the much more diligent blogging of my girlfriend over at waste of space. But it won't give you the whole story...

They never do :-P

Love your blog by the way! Videos and all... Very classy.