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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blogging in the palm of my hand

At the insistence of some, I am making another post on the blogsphere. I would imagine that some people find reading about my life an interesting and enlightening experience. For those people, the three or four annual occassions when I do blog must be an exciting moment; a pinnacle of interest.

Unfortunately, I don't think writing blog posts is anywhere near as fun for me as it is for other people to read them. But I love reading friends' blogs too.

Hmmmmm. A conundrum...

Thus I am emarking on a campaign to blog less and more. That is less voluminous, more frequent posts. With the aid of my trusty Palm TX, I can post from anywhere with 802.11b internet. Like right now at my home in Tamworth for instance.

If anyone can find me a free IPSec compatible VPN client for Palm OS 5, then I'll even blog from class for you!

Quick life summary:turned 21 yesterday and got some cool presents and quality pampering. Had food poisoning from source unknown so spent many hours "engaged". Loving the fresh Tamworth air and rain and having Libby and almost all the family here.

GTG now, but stay tuned and happy blogging!


libbiarna said...

i thought you said you were going to blog more frequently?

Martyn said...

darnit, blog already!