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Monday, October 08, 2007

Blessed Silence, and How to Find it

Distance provides perspective that is not attainable by any other means. Being too close to a situation means that our measly brains are unable to disassociate our own emotional investments and prejudices from that of everyone around us, and so we end up, unavoidably, acting selfishly (though often, I may say, with the best of intentions)

Too much distance in all circumstances will make you callous and unfeeling, but I don't think that is the common problem amongst the personalities that fill my life.

I could have this whole thing on its head. Perhaps the problem I observe is not an excess of closeness to each other, but a lack of closeness to God. An "exclusive" best-friendship with the Creator of the universe would probably render all human relationships somewhat inconsequential.

But still, my theory is that every now and again it is better to take a "chill" and distance yourself from the problem at hand in order to understand it better. Just make sure you go back again, or it would all be in vain.

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