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Monday, October 15, 2007

Buck, Buck, Goose

So it had to happen eventually... My bachelors' party was held on Saturday last. It involved an early (or at least earlier) morning wakeup, some mild hazing in the courtyard before I was "encouraged" to push a car three blocks (with assistance) and then scoff a cheeseburger for breakfast (with company).

It was all good fun and wound up with lunch at the 'dale with the dozen or so guys who came, and was followed by an expedition into the city for some suit fitting that never actually happened. That's another story.

My recommendation for future fiances out there wondering who should organise their bucks' parties - pick someone who is also engaged but getting married just after you. I suspect that may have been my "saving grace" in ensuring that my treatment wasn't too severe. Now he awaits his own ordeal with much trepidation...

Libby had a similarly enigmatic time at her simultaenous hens' party, though to read about that, you should probably go to her blog. Though to the best of my knowledge she hasn't written about it yet.

With all that silliness over, it's onto my graphics assignment which is begging to be finished before the due date on Friday.

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