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Friday, October 05, 2007

From the land of the Living

Hi all, it's been a while. Here the term "all" probably refers to my soon-to-be wife, my own self, and perhaps the stalker that I picked up in 2002, though I think even he's lost interest out of frustration with my non-blogging habits now.

So less time spent talking about blogging and more time blogging.

The next five weeks are looking pretty insane. The "calm before the storm" starts now and lasts until about two Tuesdays hence, after which the assignment deadlines come thick and fast until the end of session. And then once I've made it over all those hurdles, I only have exams and a wedding to prepare for. Easy.

I'm quite excited about the whole prospect though. God's been really kind in reminding me of a few truths over the past few months; these have been truths hard learned but well worth learning. My bible study group has encouraged me greatly by their fervent attitude to discovering God's truth - and they've kept me honest by making sure I'm teaching God's truth and not my own.

I now return to filling sandbags and boarding up shutters for when the storm hits. Is it actually possible that I will do a uni assignment two whole weeks early to avoid having four assignments on the boiler at once? Will that kind of forethought become regular in my life now that I'll be leading a family? Will the government sponsor our bold endeavour with generous student benefits? Will our fridge be big enough?

Stay tuned for another exciting episode...

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