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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Putting the "Pro" in "Procrastination"

In the absence of any forward momentum for my XML assignment, some thoughts occurred to me:

  1. Are assignments as effective a learning tool as everyone seems to think? Is it the pressure of a deadline and the threat of lasting consequences that really drives us to actually learn and recall? There are evolutionary parallels - learn to harvest before the rain comes or else you don't eat. Learn to hunt your zebra before the lions wake up or else be hunted.
  2. Is everybody's experience of university roughly the same, or is there variation with degree or person? I sure hope not everyone has assignments that are as frustrating as mine. Or is it just my own personality that makes them seem frustrating? I hate to whinge, but my program of study seems very poorly thought out. For my own safety, I hope the medical students get better than this.
  3. How long will we have to wait before interaction with computational devices will reach a genuinely consumer-safe level? We are kidding ourselves when we think that everyone can really use a computer. At best, some people are able to fluke their way to success with some programs some of the time (i.e. when they work. Less so with Windows) I'm told there will be a day when my computer won't ever crash, or even need restarting for that matter. Programming will be a discipline more akin to teaching than to engineering calculations, and there will be no distinction due to hardware, chipset architecture or operating system. Everybody's devices will talk to everybody else's without us having to jump through cyber-hoops to make it happen.
  4. Does the third point above sound like a Tower of Babel to anyone else, or just me? It's a very powerful image, that...

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