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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shoking the masses

Last night I had the opportunity to perform as a guest artist in the UNSW Orchestra for their final concert. It having been a few years now since my last orchestra work, it was a bit of a reminder about how quickly you forget all the little things, like that "piatti" means suspended cymbal or how to select the right bass drum mallet.

We performed Shostakovitch's 12th Symphony(1917 Revolution) and a Piano Concerto by Beethoven. I was conscripted as the bass drum player, which meant I got to make a giant racket for about 5 minutes out of a 1 hour symphony. But gee was it fun! When given a 30" bass drum, a mallet easily larger than my fist, a long wait through the slow movement and then a triple fortissimo dynamic in unison with the entire rest of the percussion section, it makes for some stress-relieving activity!

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