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Friday, November 02, 2007

A word from Allan

Not much to blog this week due to the insane amount of work I'm completing. Which hasn't finished yet - I have one more assignment to do before I am released.

So to keep you interested, here are some photos of some furniture that Libby and I constructed last week. We bought the furniture from Fantastic Furniture at the Moore Park SupaCenta and had three carloads of stuff to collect from the warehouse at Alexandria. The warehouse guy wasn't impressed when we showed up with just Benji to transport a truckload of boxes! Luckily we had backup, with Darvi, Bek, Irish and Katie all coming to help in another two cars. Besides, Benji is actually an undercover station wagon and fit in plenty (more than the sedans)

So here is the "Polo Cube Unit"
Here is the "Cadiz 7-piece Dining Setting"
And here is the "Polo Buffet"
Still to come are the entertainment unit, the coffee table and lamp table, the bookcase, and two couches! Some are built, some are awaiting construction, and the couches are awaiting delivery...

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