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Monday, February 11, 2008

Frustrated yet?

I've been trawling the blogs for an hour getting frustrated at people who haven't posted recently. The word "hypocrite" jumped into my mind.

The holiday stretches ever on, having just returned from the Central Coast where me and Libby have been chilling for a few days with family. Besides reading and tinkering with my network topology, the days have been fairly relaxed. To all those people who came to our wedding and gave us a present, rest assured that the thank you cards are under construction. Trust me, I have at several times contemplated a group email with just the two words "thank" and "you" in preference to another dreaded publisher-design-then-mail-merge-then-print-then-trim-then-glue-then-post dance of death, but I think insanity won the day. Never fear, we've simplified and streamlined our production line (pretty much to eliminate any traces of electronics) so they should be ready before the next major family gathering at least.

Until the next pang of guilt arises, adios.

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