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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogorithms and Procrastination Techniques

OK, I've received a complaint that I haven't been blogging enough. Which is to say, I have been studiously avoiding procrastination in an attempt to finalise all my uni work over the last few weeks.

However, my blog is feeling the neglect, so I thought I'd at least say hi. I'm sitting with a bunch of guys studying for our Algorithms and Programming techniques exam tomorrow. The lecturer has very kindly decided that because we had a midsession and assignments during the session on the earlier part of the course, he won't assess us on those portions of the course in the final.

That's the nice way of looking at it. The realistic way of looking at it is that he's taken all of the easy stuff out of the exam in order to give him more time to test us on the really, really hard stuff. So it looks like it might be a killer. Oh well. Programming is enjoyable, and in reality even the hardest stuff he throws at us is still quite achieveable, it just gets your brain cells kicking along.

Here endeth the procrastination, meagre though it is...

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