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Friday, August 08, 2008


I'm back at uni, in a manner of speaking. Which is to day, I've only been on campus once in the last couple of weeks. But officially, session has started again.

Oddly, it's been quite a challenging experience having no structure to my day. I never thought I'd miss the days of running late for class, three hour lectures and tutorials as dull as dish water, but at least all of those activities gave me the vague impression that I was doing something productive towards eventual graduation. At the moment, I spend a lot of time sitting at home pondering what the next thing I should do is, and hoping that it's not the washing up.

My supervisor was away until last weekend, and although he has now returned I am yet to visit him to determine some forward direction. But I have been doing a fair amount of reading in preparation for going to see him. And waiting to hear about a job - I should be getting a final "yes" or "no" today. Which affects how I'll be spending my time for the next couple of months as well.

Returning to the title of this post, I've found that the day passes mighty quickly when you stay at home. By the time you get up and get prepared for the day it's lunchtime, and then you start work after lunch to get a little done before school finishes and then Libby's home. Then after some QT and the business hour chores (shopping et al) it's time to cook dinner, then it's bed time in a snap. So I've found I have to be very careful about how I spend my time, because it slips away if I'm not.

Perhaps this is some kind of pre-emptive role-reversal growth exercise designed to make me understand the kind of position that Libby may find herself once the little feet are pittering and pattering. Or maybe if it isn't, it should be.

Oh well. More to ponder as I avoid watching Dr Phil and Oprah. I really only want to watch the news, but if I forget to turn the TV off, I can get caught.

Matt out.

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