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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stargate Continuum

It being our 9 month anniversary yesterday, Libby and I celebrated in style by renting a DVD. Being the undisputed nerds that we are, we got Stargate Continuum, a movie based on the Stargate SG-1 series that we all know and love.

It actually exceeded my expectations for this kind of movie. I mean, dedicated fan though I am to all things Stargate, when you consider a flagging series in its 10th season that's already spawned a spinoff, a couple of telemovies, and has its own convention circuit, the hopes are not high. And, to be honest, I wasn't as big a fan of the later seasons of Stargate as the early ones. The technology got cooler, the aliens got meaner, and the special effects got more "ooh, ahh", but the plots got tired, the dialogue got a little lame, and the characters had been plundered to death. The fact that I am not moved in the slightest to see Daniel die anymore speaks volumes about the overuse of that particular plot line.

But this is all sounding very negative. I still love SG-1 and enjoy watching it, but it's a mother's love. I can understand why somebody trying to join the Stargate bandwagon at this point would find it all a bit... well, twentieth century, I guess.

Continuum, as the director Martin Wood puts it, is "old school Stargate". Gone are the Ancients, the Asgard, the replicators, the free Jaffa nation, and all the other acoutrements of the latter series. It's just SG-1 (though not as we usually know them), a shedload of Goa'uld motherships, some seriouslly evil System Lords, four F-15s, six MiGs, a few dozen Death Gliders and a time machine. Barrels of fun!

With a name like Continuum, it's hardly a surprise that it's a time travel movie. And also the first movie I can think of watching that has two adjacent "u"s in the title.

It's a lot of fun, and leaving aside the minor problems with integrating the multiple timelines (just explain it away by saying "we were in transit through the Stargate at the time and thus weren't affected") it's also a fresh take on the characters that we all know, by putting them in a different version of reality. Even if Richard Dean Anderson is looking a little decrepit, and Christopher Judge and Amanda Tapping look weird with so much hair. Daniel still looks exactly the same, although he's now a macho, gun-toting commando as well as a bookish nerd.

So if you're a Stargate fan, get Continuum. You'll enjoy it. If you aren't, then you'll find the movie hard to follow, the characters inexplicable, and the whole thing a little too fantastic. But you wouldn't have read this far anyway.

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