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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A little slow

So I'm a bit behind on the blog updates.

Uni is almost finished, though it's in a slight state of limbo until I can finish this special research project. When that will be, who knows? Industrial Training seems to be working out alright though, which is encouraging.

Weekends are getting strangely busier, despite the fact that its apparently meant to be holiday season soon. Go figure. For n weekends timeslots, there seems to be approximately 3n weekend events or obligations. Hence, a problem, though I guess a good problem to have.

Never worked out my problem with getting Uniwide access on my E71. It's a bit of a moot point now that I'm not really spending any time on campus. My home router works fine (mostly).

Next door is now a large, shallow hole in the ground with a giant pile driver making small, deep holes in the large, shallow one, and filling them with concrete. Between the cement mixing trucks, the giant concrete pump, the giant drill for making the holes, the excavator and the potty-mouthed workers, it's all a bit noisy here in the morning. They follow the usual construction worker's pattern of starting around 7am and knocking off by 3pm, which I still don't understand and don't think I ever will. Don't give me the "avoiding the heat of the day" reason either, because I don't buy it. They do it all year round, rain hail or shine so it doesn't seem to hold.

Still no new house to speak of. Yet another weekend of inspections awaits us. Pray for us that we'll find a place soon.

That's as brief as I can be! You're now (within a certain allowable tolerance) up to date. If you want more to read, go see what Kevin is doing.

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